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Team Kru PUBG Still on Top after Day 3
Team Kru Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) team was in second place after day 1 of the PUBG Online Contenders series. They said that wasn’t good enough and snatched up 1st place in the leader boards after day 2. Being the strong players they are, Mystery, Lataa, Waldoe and Zhnark, stick ...
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Team Kru PUBG goes to Auzom Premier League
After a good first day, the Team Kru PUBG fights back from a 16th place first round finish to start the second day. They pulled out a final 3rd place on the overall scoreboard. Proving that they are never willing to give up! Auzom Premier League is the second accomplishment ...
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Team Kru PUBG
Team Kru Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) players finished strong with the most points in the Promotional rounds. With the start of Alpha Division season beginning today, they are looking to have a strong beginning to the season 3 GLL. Send them some love and support!!!!! ...
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